Furry Force Part 3 – Furry Superheroes Are The Grossest

by Fesothepublished on 17/07/2015

They’re back… and they’re furrier and grosser than ever. Furry Force Part 3.



Victor Vivisector – Adam Conover

Leon – Brian Murphy

Krunk – Mike Trapp

Hip Hop – Adam Conover


Writers – Adam Conover and Brian Murphy

Producer – Sam Kirkpatrick

Post Production Manager – Andrew Mallonee

Post Production Coordinator – Cory McConnell

Animated by SMILEY GUY STUDIOS: Executive Producer – Jonas Diamond

Producer – Mike Valiquette

Director/Producer – Rich Duhaney

Production Coordinator – Erin English

Storyboards – Marko Bajic

Editor – Sam Thomson

Concept Art – Marko Bajic, Peter Habjan, Mike Valiquette

Background Design – Marko Baijic

Background Paint – Michael Michell, Aramika Kliavin

Build Supervisor – Joseph Lague

Character Animation – Brentton Barkman, Andre Guindi

FX Animation – David Just

Compositor/Additional Editing – Joel Gregorio

Sound Design & Mix – Paul O’Brien

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