FurShows is a cultural archive and soon to be streaming service.

FurShows is run by Velivian Fesothe, Kilynn Tor, and Furry Creators for your viewing pleasure.

We’re building the furry fandoms number 1 video archive and streaming service, browse videos, movies, shows, trailers, and profiles, from studios and creators from around the world, translated and dubbed into your language (coming soon). Follow our social media to keep updated on our platform roll-outs, movie and show news releases, and to view all furry entertainment and shows from your favourite furry creators, from around the globe.

FurShows promotes videos and media content to furries and anthropomorphic fans, and children from around the world.

What we’ll be doing:

  • Providing news updates from creators, and on new movies and show releases relevant to our audience, syndicated across web, apps, and the metaverse and on a subsidiary website FurPortal News.
  • Providing all creators with an integrated @fursho.ws email address.
  • We’re building a translation and dubbing team in order to target and retain a global audience.
  • We’re developing a metaverse viewer called viewer verse.
  • We’re developing bots called Furry Observer.
  • Expanding into providing paid streaming services by working with small and large studios producing suitable content.
  • We’re building our own adverts network like YouTube, Twitch, and or Crunchyroll to provide a regular source of income for partner creators.
    • Videos we host that provide advert revenue payments will be restricted to partner creators only, to ensure only high quality content is promoted. We may at a later date open it up like YouTube.
  • Creating a subsidiary called Glow Raiser to provide equipment and resources to help furry creators and studios make and develop content.

FurShows aims to own a social enterprise (a subsidiary) called Glow Raiser that takes reinvested profits, funding, and ad-revenue to help furry creators and studios make and develop content by providing equipment and resources, and with their permission shares those created works with the furry fandom and anthropomorphic fans through this entertainment website and it’s associated apps.


A message from Velivian Fesothe,

If you’re wondering what FurShows (Furry Shows) is about, it’s an impartial website for furries and none furries. That receives, collects, and shares furry/anthropomorphic media and entertainment from around the globe, it’s what we call a cultural archive, and it will also be a place where I can post my own furry related content and entertainment developed through Snack Ferret Studio. We will also be running a weekly show and may expand it into a daily one that will be posted on the main FurShows YouTube channel, please subscribe!

We aim to be a spotlight on the fandom where furries can reach a furry audience whether or not they’re established. The videos I curate or get sent to post from the furry fandom could include the complete works of a play-through furry game, informational videos, animated shows, music, film trailers, and other works from popular and none popular furries, from all avenues of furry culture and media, and in all languages, you can view other language based FurShows sites and their associated media by clicking here.

The primary method of sharing content at this time is the website you’re viewing now, which will be expanded into locality websites based on language, we also wish to expand on this by developing apps for several platforms like IOS, Android, Windows and specifically Amazon tablets and Fire sticks.

And we’re very interested in potentially dubbing and translating relevant media that has a historic and cultural significance to the furry fandom, this of course would be at a later date and would require hiring translators. We may also look at archiving media content this would be based on what’s popular and has been voted on to be “stored” in our archives, we would do this with the permission of the video creator as a backup repository should the unforeseeable happen.

I understand that a lot of content is shared on social media, groups and other places but we also have to realize that not a lot of that content reaches its intended audience and it can demotivate creators when they don’t get the recognition they deserve. While low traffic can be down to poor quality content much of it can just be down to time zone differences or just plain limiting of the network you are on, or a dreaded block list preventing your shares/reach. (you may have really great content but be restricted by fandom drama).

Which is especially true of Facebook where you have to pay to reach people who already follow your page. Smaller creators miss out on the traffic they need and it can take years to build an audience or establish yourself as a creator if you don’t have the financial resources to pay to reach an audience or even look after yourself, Patreon has solved a lot of the issues but it’s still hard to attract sponsors to build financial security while developing your content.

I understand adverts are a touchy subject, but there are no major spammy adverts on this website other than a minor block advert on the right side of the New Arrivals section (Blog) which a 3rd party can rent, and a minor block advert on the video archives and other pages etc, adverts should still be shown within a creators own embedded videos that has nothing to do with us.

There will be adverts in the app but only for content uploaded to our service that has integrated 3rd party adverts in them, much like YouTube and Twitch does and we will have a lower bar for becoming a FurShows partner to enable them. We will need to take a % so that we can reinvest it back into developing and maintaining the apps and the website, some of that % can be reinvested to create more content (videos and media), as well as being passed to our social enterprise subsidiary to provide content creators with equipment and resources. The lions share will be given to the original content creators. To achieve that will take significant steps to upgrade the website and develop high quality apps, so adverts wont be immediately added.

I will incorporate FurShows as a regular business and then register a subsidiary, a social enterprise to allow creators to become free members who are able to vote on what content creators are funded and I will turn FurShows into a Netflix style website but develop it in a way that is more open to ensuring content reaches its intended audience. This website does get a lot of traffic from around the world but is small compared to other sites, it will probably get more as time goes on with advertising and marketing paid from the FurShows channel income.

At a later date we’ll start to contact major companies and look at partnerships for marketing, this means we’ll ask if FurShows can get their new trailers, and new movie and show release news before other websites.

Thank you for taking a look and or following back, follow us at https://twitter.com/furshows and remember to check back here for new content! and new creators.