Episode 1: WTF is Anthropomorphism – Culturally F’d

by Fesothepublished on 15/03/2015

This is the introduction to the series. Learn what “Anthropomorphic” really means, find out about Furries, the things they love and how it brings them together.

This is the first step into a larger world that goes back millennia. In the next episode we’ll look at Cave Paintings and the anthropomorphic artwork that dates back thousands of years.

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Hosted, written and edited by Arrkay
Directed, opening titles, edited, and additional artwork by Underbite
Co-written by Hyena in D-Major
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Special Thanks:
Potoroo, James, Loren, Organizers of “Howl” the furry dance party, Organizers of “Furnal Equinox 2015” Toronto Furry Convention.
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