Part Time – Voluntary · Remote – Virtual

This is initially a voluntary role.

There is no formal interview process, your volunteer work is how you will get to know the team and how we will evaluate you as a suitable employee.

If you have already applied for this job via an old job listing, please do not apply again, I will be in contact with you.


We are looking for a dual lingual transcribe manager who will be responsible for creating subtitles for our growing show and video listings, managing transcribers, administration of a GEO WordPress website, and working with other team members to post updates, and news to social media through a media admin portal.

The role does not require a passion for anthropomorphic’s or require you to self identify as a furry, this is a role that is open to everyone, however, it would be advantageous if you had some interest or are an active member of the furry fandom. We do not discriminate or force any conformity in how you represent yourself to our community and creators.

You will initially be working in a voluntary role, you will then be moved into a paid position when ad revenue comes online or we secure suitable seed or another round of Angel or VC funding. You’ll be provided with a volunteer contract that stipulates any voluntary work undertaken will be compensated at the point of hiring as a signing bonus.

At all times you will be classed as a full staff member, you will be listed on the website using a pseudonym or furry username/fursona name, and an avatar to represent yourself to our community. You will be provided with a staff email address and expected to join our staff/creator private chat, and use any other services we do.

You are:

  • Over 18.
  • Not under any international work sanctions.
  • Dual lingual, able to speak and write in English and one other language and can work diligently, and ensure high accuracy in the work you produce.
  • Able to manage yourself, projects, and other team members without input or prompts from senior staff.

You will:

  • Have a reasonably standard computer to be able to perform your duties.
  • Have and or make a Twitter, Discord and LinkedIn account (Listed on the staff page).
  • Join the company LinkedIn page as a staff member as soon as you join us.
  • Update your LinkedIn stating you’re a volunteer of FurShows.
  • Use your company email to join our Crunchbase profile as a staff member.
  • Handle the administration of the GEO website assigned to you.
  • Collaborate with the wider team including creators, to publish or approve content, and channels.
  • Assess and remove videos if you receive an email or notification of it violating our policies, and or terms of service.
  • Initially set your own hours, until moved into a full-time position.
  • Be willing to join, socialise, and attend meetings in Second Life and VR Chat (L$5000 will be provided for an avatar inSL™)
  • Willing to occasionally join the voice chat.
  • Have a basic understanding of Spreadsheets to keep accurate records.
  • Be asked and agree to virtual meetings being voice and text chat recorded.
  • Check-in with the team at least once a day, through Discord (We’re moving to

You’ll get:

  • When in a paid position you’ll get an extra % payout from the adverts shown on the videos you’ve translated, a tip.
  • Provided with a volunteer contract that stipulates any voluntary work undertaken will be compensated at the point of hiring as a signing bonus!
  • A fully 3D sculpted virtual avatar for use on-site, in VR Chat, Second Life, for streaming, and in Viewer Verse etc.
  • When in a paid position annual paid leave (Standard holiday allowance).
  • When in a paid position a company pension.
  • When in a paid position paid parental leave.
  • When in a paid position a virtual allowance and crypto stipend (For Viewer Verse and other Virtual Worlds).

What we hope to offer:

  • Employee health insurance.
  • Dental insurance.
  • All equipment and software that is suitable to run a small home office.
  • A food allowance for during long virtual conferences, meetings or events.
  • A corporate prepaid card allowance.
  • A uniform and company merchandise (used for video meetings/streaming).
  • The option to relocate to the United Kingdom (If we build a head office).

Nice to have:

  • A basic understanding of WordPress, having used it prior to publishing your own or a clients content (Full training provided).

How to apply:

This job listing will be updated randomly, please check back to see what we’ve added.

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