Guil, the Hedgehog

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From his YouTube Description:

Hello there

Welcome to my main channel, of all my main content of videos are set to, of course, this channel was mostly inspired, not only of other youtubers, as well as inspiring happenings and elements everywhere passed upon

“the best creativity lies on the land of the insane”

YouTube channels of gaming and so, may seem similar one to another in a lot of ways, but of my channel, i’ll choose what to take upon my path, and also with good intentions to follow upon each passing moment

Yet a lot of things may seem powerful and so, but one of my main reasons to be here, would be to help others in the content of entertaining as best was i can, including moments of course, moments where rational thoughts malfunction to say out random, funny, also, as much as i would like to bring it up to times where it would be good and intentional, the nature of this happening is involuntary, which means that it has a mind of it’s own.

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DNA Spliced Hedgehog