• Uploads must not contain pornography or anything that violates our TOS, if in doubt check here.
  • Do not re-upload anyone’s video, please link to videos on YouTube etc rather than re-upload them.
  • Images should be 1920×1080, one should be a thumbnail and the other clearly marked as a subscription image.
  • ALL Uploads are vetted prior to publication, though we en-devour to check every video we may not always notice everything and will remove violating videos if found later or they’re reported to us.


  • Video links should only contain social media accounts and any promotional materials.



  • To attain a public profile you must fill out the profile form, all profiles are vetted before publication please include an email address in case we need to contact you for further information or clarification.
  • Profile images should be of the size XxX
  • We won’t publish anything private or beyond what would normally be found on a public profile on YouTube or another service.

The information contained in this page is subject to change without notice.